Floating city. People will live on the ship permanently

According to the initiators of the idea, an apartment on the Narrative is an ideal option for those who dream of living on a boat and exploring the world, but do not have the resources to buy their own private yacht. “On the currently emerging ship, there will be a choice of fully furnished apartments with one to four bedrooms, as well as several two-storey penthouses. Most apartments are for sale, but a limited number can only be rented for 12 or 24 years, ”concludes CNN.

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The cheapest apartments of the applicant will cost $ 400,000, which is 8.5 million crowns, the most luxurious ones cost eight million dollars, which is 171 million crowns. Every year, residents will pay a maintenance fee, which will amount to 65 to 200 thousand dollars, depending on the area of ​​the apartment. There are a total of 547 apartments on the ship, some of which already have owners. And other interested parties should hurry, because representatives of Storylines assume that all apartments will be sold out by the end of this year.

According to Storylines representatives, buying a residence on a boat is a reliable investment, because apartment owners do not have to worry about losing their apartment when the Narrative expires in a few decades. “There will be an eternity clause in the contract, which means that when the current ship expires, they will receive a brand new apartment of the same size on the new ship as a replacement for the original apartment. In addition, the apartment on the boat can be rented or sold just like any other property, “explained Storylines CEO Alister Punton.

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Like in the city, but on the waves

According to Punton, the ship Narrative will turn into a real floating city. Even with the composition of the population, which will probably be as diverse as in any big city on the mainland. This is indicated by information about people who have already bought an apartment on board. “We have all ages represented here, from small children to retirees. The ship will house young digital nomads and many families where parents are between 30 and 40 years old and have small children, “Punton told CNN.

And since it is calculated that all apartment owners will live on the ship for most of the year, or permanently, the equipment of the vessel corresponds to this. “There will be twenty restaurants and bars, a mini-brewery, three swimming pools, a library with tens of thousands, a wellness center, bowling alleys and a hydroponic farm on the steamer,” says CNN. It is a farm where the plants are grown without soil and fertilization, in a special container.

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The post office, medical center, pharmacy and educational centers for children will be a matter of course, as it is expected that families on the ship will have to provide education for their school-compulsory offspring.

People in their apartments on the ship will probably be able to function in exactly the same way as they live in apartments in different cities. “Of course, they will be able to invite visitors and, as long as they are not in the apartment, they will be able to rent it,” says CNN.

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Storylines also promise that life on board will be as considerate as possible to the planet. “We will be the most environmentally friendly ship on the waves,” Punton promised.

My apartment travels the world with me

However, life on Storylines’ Narrative boat will offer apartment residents one main attraction, and that is traveling around the world. From the windows of their apartments on the ship, people see a different city every few days. The ship will travel around the world, the first trip is planned for exactly a thousand days. “The ship stays in each port for three to five days,” CNN outlines.

According to Storylines representatives, this is enough time for people to inspect each port. “In addition, during the mooring of the ship, the atmosphere of the port is transferred to its deck. A program related to the current destination will be available on the vessel, the wellness will use elements typical of the given place, and the restaurants will also offer typical dishes and regional ingredients, “says the Storylines website.

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The inhabitants of the vessel will also have the opportunity to participate in deciding where the ship will dock next. “Each month, there will be several days set aside for a stop at the port chosen by the people on board,” CNN warns.

Storylines’ residential boat project is not new, it was first introduced in 2016. Only in recent months, however, is it finally gaining real contours and apartments on the boat have begun to be sold.