Flood in the Marche, Mattia snatched from his mother’s arms; the heartbreaking story »

Weather: Flood in the Marche, Mattia snatched from his mother’s arms; the heartbreaking tale

Mattia overwhelmed by the Marche flood, heartbreaking story of his motherA dramatic story that unfortunately becomes the symbol offlood that has hit in recent days the Marche. We are talking aboutwave of exceptional bad weather which raged with intense rain in the Marche region and which led to the death of several people, including a child.

He was called Mattia and had just 8 years. Mom, Silvia Always, a 40-year-old pharmacist, had picked up his son and hugged him to his chest before getting out of his car, but there was nothing to be done. Both, as the news agency also reports Ansathey were overwhelmed by the force of the water, she was rescued, but there is no trace of the baby at the moment.

The story of the mother, reported by the newspaper, is heartbreaking Republic.
“I struggled to hold Mattia close to me after leaving my car, but there was that superhuman strength, that water that overwhelmed us, dragging us down and tore him off my chest. He was clinging to a trunk. He was trying hard too to stay afloat. A matter of seconds, then I saw him disappear into the darkness. “
But what had happened? Silvia continues: “I had just left the pharmacy, it was 8pm, maximum 8.30pm. Mattia had spent the afternoon with his father. It wasn’t raining in Barbara, Mattia and I live in San Lorenzo in Campo. kilometers. It started raining and then I saw that brown wave coming in a fury towards us. I thought about the best maneuver to do. I put into reverse to try to go back and take another path. But it happened the impossible. The car was as if lifted by the power of that flood that came from the Nevola River. The machine was filled with water in seconds. I had no other choice, we had to get out and swim. Mattia is autistic. He doesn’t speak but he had terror in his eyes. I was trying to calm him down. I immediately unfastened my seat belts and we found ourselves in that sea of ​​debris. I screamed but the water overtook me. I held him as tight as I could. Logs and stones were banging on me. “

When asked if there were other cars, the woman replied: “Yes, I saw some in the distance but no one heard me, no one stopped.”

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Everything was consumed in a very short time. “It was like the collapse of a dam”, said the mayor of Barbarafraction of Senigallia, Riccardo Pasqualini. The child’s mother had sensed that the situation was very dangerous, so she hugged Mattia and jumped out of the car, but the violence of the water prevailed and the woman saw her son disappear from her arms , swallowed by the raging river.

There are many volunteers and rescue teams who are engaged in the search to find Mattia, but the little one cannot be found. The family is destroyed. “I would like to overturn the world but I can’t, the appeal to rescuers is to find it, give it back to us”. He cries like this, Alessandro Fontanathe uncle of the little one, in front of the reporters.