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Flood: Moers Marketing requests donations for the Kasperbühne

by archyw

Moers / Homberg.
The Kasperbühne, a tradition at the Moers Christmas market, is about to end after the flood. Moers Marketing is asking for donations.

The impact of the July 14th flood disaster has many faces. One thing is the possible end of a decades-old tradition that is seldom found in Germany: the Homberger Punch and Judy Theater. Moers Marketing GmbH is now asking for donations for the puppeteers.

Gebhard Cherubim is the heart, soul, hand and voice of the Homberger Kasperbühne, which every year makes countless children’s hearts beat faster at the Moers Christmas market and even pulls adults under its spell. But the flood hit the puppeteer, who lives in Kall in the Eifel, hard. His “Kasperbühne” was washed away by the masses of water in the winter quarters (as reported). And actually the rather modest Gebhard Cherubim is not entirely comfortable being in the limelight – even if it was not his own fault.

But the Moerser Stadtmarketing is of the opinion that the tradition of puppetry should not just go away. “Mr. Cherubim therefore only agreed to our appeal for donations under one condition that any excess donation money would benefit the many affected families in his region. He himself only hopes that he may be able to finance a small stage car again ”, says Michael Birr, head of Moers city marketing. What Gebhard Cherubim hides: There is no insurance for the damage, financially it is at the end and with it the Homberg puppet stage.

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Anyone who would like to help ensure that Kasper, Krokodil and Schutzmann keep children’s eyes shining in the next few years can donate to the Moers Marketing account with the keyword “Kasper”. “I would like to thank you very much now,” said Michael Birr.

Donation account: Volksbank Niederrhein eG, IBAN: DE96 3546 1106 7015908020 BIC: GENODED1NRH

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