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Folk singer Flor de Huaraz confirmed that she resumed her relationship with Junior MarcanoAfter the Venezuelan affirmed that they had finished because she did not forget the ‘gringo’ Karl.

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“Junior was rectified (he said they had reconciled). I thank you because you supported me in my divorce, the worst moment of my life and your help was very valuable “said Flor de Huaraz.

Are they together as a couple or are friends.

I met Junior 3 years ago, I wanted a partner to continue with my shows at the fairs. Later, he asked me to have a relationship and at first it did not go well, due to the difference in ages (they have been 32 years old) and because she was still married to the gringo. But ours was honest, we were always in contact and now we have resumed the relationship.

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Are you trying again?

Yes. The truth is, I don’t know where this is going to end. I wish we were happy forever, but only God knows.

You are not afraid that the history of the gringo Karl will be repeated and later Junior wants to have children.

We don’t talk about children, only about our work. But he already knows that I will not give him children, I think that I have not bought life, the important thing is that we are well for now. Also, bad men with children or without children still leave. I do not love a person for the amount of children he can give me, but for his good feelings.

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He agrees because he is a young man and can change his mind.

Yes, Junior is young, but I respect his decisions. If your decision for now is to stay by my side, that’s fine. If you plan to leave tomorrow or later, I will also respect what you decide.

For now they are calm …

That’s how it is. Junior is very respectful and always wants to see me laugh. I’m super happy with him.

Junior Marcano clarifies that he does have a relationship with Flor de Huaraz: “It’s totally real”

Flor de Huaraz and the Venezuelan Junior Marcano appeared again at the Chola Reventonazo and they spoke about the relationship they currently have, after the statement presented by Junior in which he stated that they were ending their relationship, since the singer was still sad for her ex-partner, Gringo Karl.

When asked if he has a sentimental relationship with the Flower, Junior clarified yes. “I don’t have to deny it. It’s totally real, I’m happy with Flor by my side, that makes me feel good “replied the Venezuelan, while Flor did not deny this statement.


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