Florence Parly comes to Anglet to find underwater buoys made in France

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Visiting this Tuesday, March 30 within the technological SME Telerad, based in Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, accompanied by Geneviève Darrieussecq, Minister Delegate and candidate for the regional elections in New Aquitaine, will launch a new manufacturing and service channel for underwater acoustic buoys made in France.

This SonoFlash aerolargabled buoy program is managed by Thales Underwater Systems, which wishes to set up an integrated team which will include several high added value SMEs such as Telerad, Selha Group, Astic, Realmeca, Plastimo or Nervures … “This is a relocation of a skill that we no longer had, since we buy our buoys in the United States”, explained to La Tribune a few days ago the firm of Florence Parly.

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For its part, the Telerad SME, founded in 1950, employs 82 people in Anglet. She is specialized in the study, manufacture, commissioning and marketing of radio systems for the control air and maritime traffic, both in the civil and military fields. With an annual turnover of around 11 million euros, 60% of which is exported, “it is one of the world leaders with more than 15% market share. The field of defense applications represents 20% of its activity “, indicates the Ministry of the Armed Forces. In 2019, Telerad is one of the first French companies to receive the label UAF (Used by the French armies) now granted to more of 155 SMEs and midcaps.

The SonoFlash program aims to develop a new generation of acoustic buoys to meet by 2025 to the needs of the French Navy in the field of wrestling anti-submarine. The acoustic buoy is a sonar deployed with a float. The sonar antenna performs its listening mission (passive buoy) or emission-reception (active buoy) and transmits the information until exhaustion of the battery before leaking. The French navy consumes between 4,500 and 7,000 buoys per year, which end up at the bottom of the ocean but cost several thousand euros per unit. To relaunch this sector, which had been abandoned in 1996, Thales and the Ministry of the Armed Forces will jointly invest around 30 million euros. The industrialist hopes to position himself in this annual open market estimated between 100 and 400 million dollars but dominated by the Ultra and Sparton duopoly.


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