Florence: the 20-year-old boy who fell from the roof for a selfie died

Roberto Frezza did not make it, the twenty-year-old who in the night between last Friday and Saturday fell from the shed overlooking the fire escape of a school in Bagno a Ripoli (Florence), the Isis Gobetti Volta. The boy died on Sunday evening at the Florentine hospital in Careggi where he had been transported in conditions that immediately appeared desperate.

According to what was reconstructed by the carabinieri, who conduct the investigations, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Massimo Bonfiglio, the twenty-year-old was with a friend: the two would have entered the school building that Roberto had attended before enrolling in the engineering faculty; once at the top of the fire escape, the 20-year-old would have stepped into the void and plummeted several meters.

Roberto’s friend was heard by the carabinieri. Perhaps the two, again according to the reconstruction of the investigators, had climbed to the top of the fire escape to take selfies and shoot a video.