Florent Pagny with cancer: the worried reaction of his protégés Lou Dassi and Nour (The Voice) when they discover his new video

On the occasion of the first live broadcasts of The Voice, this May 14, all the spotlight will be on Florent Pagny, back on the air after his moving video message posted on Instagram. Like many, the talents of his team were relieved to learn that their coach was doing well despite treatment to fight his cancer.

The shock then a sigh of relief. You had to have a heart of stone to remain insensitive to Florent Pagny’s latest video shared on Instagram. The shaved head and the mine tarnished by his heavy treatment, the 60-year-old artist brought a message of hope to all his fans who were worried about his silence. “The protocol worked pretty well. since (…) my tumor as big as a kiwi turned into a hazelnut“, he announced, then confirming in the columns of Gala that this unfortunate episode would soon be a thing of the past. Put in the confidence before this speech, the production of The Voice never considered the absence of the dean of his coaches during the return of direct.

“He looked really tired”

On the other hand, his two protégés, Lou Dassi and Nour, were apprehensive about reconnecting with their mentor. Especially after reading this video, despite its reassuring content. “He only announced good things, but he looked really tired”entrusted the first to the Parisian, she who had to deal with the total silence of the singer. Same story with Nour: “His message made me a little stressed and upset. We haven’t had any contact since filming the super cross battles (February 19, ed). But we weren’t looking for it either. We knew he was focused on his treatment and recovery.”.

Their reunion, during rehearsals for the next prime, were all the more emotionally charged. Especially since the two youngest of the competition did not know what to expect. “But hardly had we pushed the door that we discovered him all smiles, as if we had not left him”, relates the younger of the two. This smile should not leave him, especially if one of his protégés were to win this season. A gift as dear as his freedom of thought.