Floricienta becomes a trend on Twitter after a concert in Israel

Floricienta, the character played by the Argentine actress Flor Bertotti in the novel of the same name, became a trend on Twitter this morning, after hundreds of fans shared videos of her singing the songs of the youthful success, in Israel.

The social network shows messages like: «Floricienta he returned”, “I need a tour of Latin America”, “Forbidden to feel nostalgia”, among others. And it is that the furor produced by seeing videos of less than a minute of the interpreter singing songs like “Because”, “And so it will be” or “My blue dress” aroused the adolescent nostalgia of hundreds of fans who grew up with her.


Flor Bertotti performed in Israel last Sunday the 18th together with the Argentine singer Rocío Igarzabal (performer in “Casi Ángeles”), the Mexican singer Felipe Colombo (performer in “Rebelde Way”) and the Israeli singer Chen Aharoni in a concert called “Locura” . The reason: to interpret the best successes of the Argentine novels that they starred in at the beginning of 2000. The appointment took place in the Menora room, in Tel Aviv.

Why in Tel Aviv? The Argentine productions of Cris Morena were very well received in Israel, as they were broadcast in their original language with subtitles. For this reason, in the videos broadcast on Twitter, a large Israeli audience is seen singing in Spanish along with the performers.

In another video, on stage, you can see an experienced Flor Bertotti sing the song ‘Because’ and the fans who sang with her. You see a ‘Floricienta‘ moved to tears as she says: “What a gift they are giving me”, because she seems not to believe that her songs are still valid.

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And it is that the videos and the collective euphoria aroused followers from other parts of the world, who are already speculating a tour of Latin America. There is public, it only remains that Floricienta return to the stages close to home.