Florida: He watches his wife bleed to death

A Florida man reportedly confessed after his arrest to slitting his wife’s throat, then playing her favorite song while she bled in the bathtub.

At around 9 a.m. Tuesday, officers from Altamonte Springs, Fla., attended a Ballard Street apartment to check on the well-being of a woman there. The caller reportedly expressed his concerns to the police after a man confessed to a relative that he had just killed his wife and was now trying to hide evidence.

On the scene, the two agents found themselves in front of a real horror movie scene. A young man lay in a pool of blood in the bathroom next to his wife, who had a deep laceration in her neck.

Once under interrogation, Xichen Yang, 21, allegedly confessed.

According to information reported by the American channel Law & Crime, the accused allegedly slit his wife’s throat. He then allegedly carried her to the bath, where he held her hand to the tunes of his favorite song until she died, about 10 minutes later, he said.

That morning, the man had not shown up for work, which had worried his boss. Around 8:30 a.m., when he called Xichen Yang to find out where he was, the latter replied that he had not gone to work because he was angry at his wife who had “burned his passport”, according to his words. He would then have confided to his boss that he had just done something “irreparable”. Worried, the boss called the police.

Under interrogation, Xichen Yang supposedly confessed that he could have stopped before he killed his wife, but that “it wasn’t how he was raised” and that he “always went all the way.” “.

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