Florida Laws Going Into Effect July 1 – NBC 7 Miami

If you listen more than 25 feet away from your car – moving or parked – you could be fined more than $100. It’s already a law and goes into effect this Friday.

There are those who have turned their cars into veritable rolling horns.

Jimmy Narváez, a fan of car audio, says:

“In this vehicle I have a factory radio if I turn it up to full volume, it will sound more than 100 feet”

They say it’s a hobby and it even has a name: sketching.

Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez says:

“Perfect example. Here comes the sketch.”

Those who do it say that the law discriminates against them, such as José González, coordinator of car events: “The ideal would be for people to do it in the places enabled for that. With the corresponding permits.

There are almost 150 laws that will come into force on July 1. In the list, several are related to education. For example, to reduce taxes on the sale of back-to-school items.

Also SB 1048, which will replace standardized tests with systematic evaluations, three times a year. 75 percent fewer exams and more time to learn, advocates say.

Lucia Baez of the Miami Dade School Board District 3 says:

“But also that teachers have the freedom to teach and that students love education again.”

Another law is known as “don’t say gay.”

Which prohibits kindergarten through third grade teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation.

As for health laws, two stand out: HB5, which prevents abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and SB312, which promotes the use of telemedicine, even for doctors to prescribe controlled substances through this route.