LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) – A woman was arrested after her pickup truck to accumulate into a vice-Florida patrol car while drunk, authorities said.

Williams Williams, 46, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with driving under the influence, according to the news release of Sheriff Polk County’s office.

Two Polk County patrol vehicles were traveling on the Lakeland road, one after another, when the Williams truck, coming from the opposite direction, began to move erratically and crossing the center line, the delegates said. The driver driving the first vehicle was able to get out of the entrance to a parking tree, and the truck fell into the second patrol car.

The interest in the first car asked for immediate help. Both interests were built in the second patrol car to a nearby hospital, the official said. The deputy driver was dealt with and released, and the other deputy was accepted in a stable condition.

Another vehicle behind the patrol vehicles was swerved into a ditch to avoid the crash, the delegates said. No injuries were reported to that driver.

Williams was arrested and taken to the county prison, where breath samples recorded his blood alcohol level to 0.145% and 0.151%. Florida law estimates that driver is impaired by 0.08%.

Williams Williams was released on Wednesday. Jail records did not list a solicitor.


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