Florida election officials announced on Saturday that an automatic recount will occur for the senator and governor races after the mid-term elections this November 6.

The margin of difference is less than 0.25%, or about 15,000 votes, between the governor and candidate Senator Rick Scott and his Democratic challenger Bill Nelson, who is currently in office. The difference in the governor race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum is greater, 0.4% or 36,000 votes.

The Board of Canvass approved a motion to begin counting votes in two other races: that of Secretary of Agriculture between the Democrat Nikki Fried and the Republican Matt Caldwell, separated by 0.06% percentage points, or a little over 5,300 votes.

In Broward, Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes gave information to Scott and his team for review late Friday night, as reported by CNN. Before midnight, the campaign issued a new press release stating that Snipes had not complied fully with the court order "because it refuses to confirm whether or not there are additional ballots that need to be counted."

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