Florida reports 5,306 new coronavirus cases and 77 deaths – Telemundo Miami (51)

Coronavirus cases in Florida reached 2,233,518 on Friday after 5,306 new positives and 77 additional deaths of residents in the state were reported, the Health Department reported.

In total, the results of 114,605 ​​tests were reported with a positivity rate of 5.66 percent, the lowest in the last two weeks.

In the last week 38,034 new cases have been reported: 5,306 on Friday, 5,666 on Thursday, 5,178 on Wednesday, 5,271 on Tuesday, 3,513 on Monday, 4,671 on Sunday and 7,411 on Saturday. The average number of COVID-19 positives for the past week is 5,433 per day.

We spoke with Dr. Miguel Venereo, Medical Director of Community Care Plan, about the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine, the benefits, as well as the possible side effects.

Miami-Dade accumulates 483,371 cases of coronavirus and Broward 235,971. The two counties have the highest number of infected people in the state, where 35,161 residents have already died from COVID-19. Another 697 non-state residents have died in Florida, for a grand total of 35,858.

In Miami-Dade, 6,159 people have died from COVID-19, in Broward 2,894, in Palm Beach 2,770 and in Monroe 49.

In addition, Palm Beach County has had 143,129 positive cases, while Monroe accumulates 6,898. In the state, a total of 90,489 people have been hospitalized since the start of the pandemic.

In the center of the state, Orange County has 136,327 cases and Hillsborough has 135,278 confirmed cases of COVID-19. In the Southwest, Lee County has 69,446 positives and Collier County 35,358.

A total of 8,808,680 people have been vaccinated in Florida, of which 6,183,101 have already received the full dose. In Miami-Dade, 1,225,267 people have been vaccinated, while in Broward a total of 816,397 people have been vaccinated, according to figures released by the state.

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