Florida suspends abortion clinic for “endangering the health” of two patients

The license of an abortion clinic in Florida was suspended over the weekend, after state health authorities issued an emergency order following the hospitalizations of two women who underwent procedures at the clinic.

Operational deficiencies. The state Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) suspended Pensacola’s American Family Planning license, effective Saturday.

  • The agency cited two cases of women who received procedures at the abortion clinic and were later hospitalized. It indicated that the clinic did not perform medical check-ups on patients, did not provide medical records when patients were transferred for further care, and did not contact patients within 24 hours of leaving the clinic to assess their recovery at patients.
  • In the order, the agency noted that the failure to do so “jeopardizes the health, safety and welfare” of the clinic’s patients.
  • “Women who abort must receive the level of care and services required by law,” the emergency order said. The clinic has the right to a hearing on the decision.

The cases in detail. The order noted a first case in which clinic workers urged a patient’s husband to take her to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama, instead of a closer hospital in Pensacola that had a transfer agreement with the hospital. clinic, which delayed his treatment.

  • The account indicates that, at the Alabama hospital, the woman needed to be resuscitated and required a transfusion to replace blood loss.
  • In another case, a patient was brought to a Pensacola hospital emergency room with bleeding and low blood pressure. She needed emergency surgery and underwent a hysterectomy, a surgical procedure in which all or part of the uterus is removed.

Both cases are from 2022. But they also included a case from last year, dealing with a third patient who required uterine perforation repair.

“It went much further.” American Family Planning’s attorney, Julie Gallagher, said Monday that they will appeal the case, local radio station WUWF reported.

“It should be noted that AHCA’s suspension is based on two, and only two, patients out of more than 100,000 patients served,” Gallagher said in a written statement.

“AHCA is focusing only on two patients where there were problems and ignoring 999,998 patients where there were no such problems,” he added.

American Family Planning is the only licensed abortion clinic in Northwest Florida.

With information from AP