"I'm excited, very excited and a bit nervous," she told reporters. She avoided commenting on the national missions of the Senate race in Nevada. "I am not a pundit, and we leave that to the pollsters. But I think we will win. "

– Jose A. Del Real

LOWELL, Ind. – Predictions of a democratic wave are hard to find in northern Indiana. In a rally in a barn last weekend, hundreds of Republicans celebrated over brats and cornbread.

"The blue wave everyone is talking about will be the tears of the Democrats," said Mark Paul John, a painter who calls himself a "freedom artist."

"The Democrats are not listening to them," he said, showing a painting of soldiers he gave policemen in Ferguson, Mo, after Michael Brown, a black, unarmed teenager shot dead by an officer, had been killed was. "They only complain."

Adam Sedia, 34, attorney, said the audience was bigger than the same event two years ago.

"Many people want to keep the momentum going," he said with one foot on a hay bale. "I would like to see more judges like Justices Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh."

Republicans' confidence was also high outside of Indianapolis, on Sunday evening the bus tour of the state G.O.P. David Klingerman, 72, a retired contractor, said he had "no blue wave". "I think we will stay stable," he said.

And in Tippecanoe County, the president of the local Republican women's club, Bea Smith, predicted a G.O.P. House and Senate.


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