Florida will allocate 225 million for the health sector

Every year, the state budget in Florida adds a few million dollars more, new projects and also cuts that are proposed by legislators and then ratified or amended by the governor. For the next fiscal year, 225 million dollars will be invested for cancer research and the training of nurses.

The news was announced by Governor Ron DeSantis, who confirmed in a press conference from Miami that hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated in recent years and 83,000 biomedical researchers have been trained in cancer treatment centers in Florida.

All this has happened thanks to a budget of 820 million dollars that the state government obtained for this purpose from the federal government.

“There has long been a need for nurses in Florida, particularly as our state grows. We want to support our heroes on the front lines, ”says DeSantis in his statement.

Florida bets on health

According to updated figures, there are currently 187,920 nurses in Florida, but if the necessary measures are not taken, by 2035 there will be a deficit of 60,000 of these professionals.

Additionally, for fiscal year 2022-2023, $100 million was just approved for cancer research and treatment, which represents an increase of $37 million over the current budget.

According to DeSantis: “We wanted to do something big. We wanted to do something that made sense, that was historical. That is why with the help of the First Lady, we have proposed a record $100 million for the leading cancer treatment and research centers in the state.”

The new budget allocated for health will be distributed among three hospitals dedicated to the study and treatment of this disease: the Sylvester Center, of the University of Miami, the H. Lee Moffitt Center, located in Tampa, and the Shand Center, of the University of Miami. from Florida.

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“We really have confidence in these three institutions. We know that they are going to put the funds to good use, in a way that has a positive impact on patients”, concluded DeSantis.