Flowering Castelluccio Norcia 2022: when to go, where to park, the shuttles. The guide

Perugia, 24 June 2022 – A spectacle of nature. This is simply the flowering in Castelluccio di Norcia 2022which returns again this year to give the many visitors the wonder of lentils in fiore. When to go, where to parkhow the service works shuttle bus are just some of the questions many people are asking themselves these days. Let’s try to answer with this guidetrying to take stock of everything you need to know on the flowering in Castelluccio di Norcia 2022.

As the site reminds us, it is not possible to predict the timing of the flowering of the Piani di Castelluccio. However, like every year, the best time to visit the plateau and enjoy the spectacle of the lentils in bloom within the Sibillini National Park is between late May and mid-July. This year the best time should be between the end of June until the 15th of July. But, we repeat, these are indicative dates, because there are no specific days to admire this show.

This year, the 25 and 26 June 2022e i weekend del 2-3 July he was born in July 9-10 you will not be able to stop with your own cars in Castelluccio. The municipalities concerned and the Park Authority have in fact launched some specific measures to prohibit access to cars and campers on stable weekends. And therefore in these days it will be possible to arrive only by two-wheeled vehicles, tourist buses, cars of residents or merchants. The closure will concern in particular the entrance door from Norcia. As for the other two entrances to Piani di Castelluccio, that is Castelsantangelo sul Nera e Arquata del Tronto, in the three closing weekends only transit with cars (no campers) will be allowed, but with the absolute prohibition of parking and stopping, to those who, regardless of flowering, need to go from Castelsantangelo sul Nera towards Arquata del Tronto or viceversa. And therefore for all those who want to reach Castelluccio with a camper during the three closing weekends, the only way to access all three entrances to Piani di Castelluccio (Norcia, Castelsantangelo sul Nera and Arquata del Tronto) will be to leave your vehicle in one of the many parking lots planned, to then reach Castelluccio with a shuttle service.

Ad Arquata del Tronto the only parking available for visitors to the flowering of Castelluccio is the one near the Half Liters Refuge. A Norcia Five parking lots have been set up for visitors to Castelluccio: the parking Scentinellethat of Monti del Solethat of Canapine Forkparking Boeri Norcia Chief town and finally the parking St. Scholastica. A Castelsantangelo the car parks are located in Visso e Pieve Torina. One was predisposed to Monte Prata.

Castelluccio can also be reached through the service of shuttle bus which however is alone on reservation. From the parking lot Rifugio Mezzi Litri ad Arquata del Tronto the shuttle service is active which leaves every hour, from 09 to 13, and from 14 to 18. Also from the parking lots of the municipality of Norcia (Scentinelle, Monti del Sole, Forca Canapine, Boeri Norcia Capital, Santa Scolastica) the shuttle service is active, mostly scheduled at every hour. Finally, also from the parking lot of Monte Prata A shuttle service is available, departing every hour from 09 to 13 and from 15 to 18.

Usually, the parking lots are free while the shuttle service is subject to charges.