Floyd Mayweather announced at a press conference in Tokyo that he will fight against the kickboxing fighter Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year's night.

Although the return bout is expected to be the expected debut of Money in Mixed Martial Arts, it was not specified under what discipline will be the fight against the Japanese. It transpired that the fight would be with "special rules".

Mayweather and his opponent appeared before the media on Monday along with representatives of the MMA company, Rizin FF, in the capital of Japan.

The legendary retired boxer will face Nasukawa in the Saitama Super Arena, with capacity for 37 thousand spectators, in what is presumed as an unbeaten duel in "Rizin 14", a continent that has been very successful in the Asian country.

The press conference that drew attention due to the difference in age between the two fighters, since Nasukawa is barely 20 years old, while Mayweather, aged 41, does not cease to talk about the world of quadrilaterals despite his supposed retirement a few months ago.

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