Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced its return date but not precisely at boxing. The American fighter will return from retirement to measure himself in mixed martial arteries. Tenshin Nasukawa, Japanese boxing fighter, will be his first rival in the event Rizin 14

The American wore through Instagram the gloves he will use in Saitama, north of Tokyo, in the primetime fight of the Rizin 14 event organized by the Rizin Fight Federation company and added the date of his new incursion: "December 31, 2018" .

The 41-year-old fighter, unbeaten, with five world titles in five weight classes, considered one of the best in history, defeated Irishman Conor McGregor, fighter of Mixed Martial Arts, in his last bout in August of 2017.

That victory adorned his record, allowing him to boast of 50 victories and zero defeats. The format and rules of the combat against the young Nasukawa were not specified.

"I want to give people what they want: blood, sweat and tears," Mayweather said during a press conference in the Japanese capital, which would have reached, according to Japanese media, aboard his private jet.

"I always had the goal of leaving the United States to show my talent outside." The world never saw Mayweather fight live (in Japan), "he added.

Nasukawa, is, according to the press release announcing the event, "probably the greatest hope of fighting sports that Japan has ever seen", with a record of 27-0, but never fought as a professional.

Accept the fight against Mayweather It was an "easy decision," said the 20-year-old. "I do not care about the rules of the game, I'm the man who's going to change the course of history, I'll do it with these fists, in one fell swoop, you'll see."



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