The cold season is approaching, and although the autumn continues to amaze with unusual and unusual heat for it, the winter will hardly be the same. And that means that the time of the epidemic of colds will come. Along with SARS at this time there is a risk of getting infected with the flu virus – and this can turn into serious health problems. To protect themselves and loved ones and minimize the risk of infection, annual flu vaccination is conducted. Henrich Hare is a brave boy. He still goes to kindergarten and spends time there according to the schedule – games, meals, mischief – everything, as it should be for a kindergarten pupil, says “Grodno +”. But one day, the “Vaccination” item appeared in the boy’s adjusted schedule. And although this is an unpleasant affair, and, indeed, it is painful to hide, Henry boldly puts his shoulder under the injection. The boy knows firmly about what to do in order not to be ill. Henrykh Zajac, a graduate of the kindergarten № 85 of Grodno city:
– In order not to be ill, it is necessary to walk in the air, there is a lot of porridge and exercises. To help with these simple rules of a healthy lifestyle, known to every preschooler, comes the flu vaccine. The campaign of flu vaccinations started on November 1 – in the kindergarten number 85 in the city of Grodno, some of the children have already received their vaccine. In total, by the first of December – then, according to the plan, the vaccination against influenza will be completed this year – it is planned to vaccinate a little over forty percent of the pupils. Nina Zajac, nurse of the kindergarten No. 85 of Grodno city:
– Basically, the parents of our pupils willingly agree to vaccination against influenza. And I, as a nurse, analyzing the incidence over the past years, I can note that children vaccinated against influenza do not get sick during the epidemiological period, and if they are sick, they more easily tolerate the disease, and they have no serious complications. Not only babies are vaccinated, but also their caregivers – they have their own, separate day for vaccinations. In the meantime, there are always patients in the vaccination room – and although no, no, and you want to cry from an unpleasant injection, they bravely endure – they know and understand that this is for their benefit. The parents of the children are supported and recognized by the flu vaccination – they have noticed the effectiveness of the vaccination on their own experience. Nadezhda Slapik, mother of the pupil of the nursery-kindergarten No. 85 of Grodno:
– Two months before the expected epidemic, we are vaccinating the child. It is very convenient for us to do this in the garden, since we don’t need to go to the clinic or outpatient clinic, and right there we will see the child and observe it on the spot, so for us it is very important and very convenient. Two years ago, we didn’t vaccinate and the child became very ill, and the next year we started to inculcate, and even if we were sick, it was not so badly tolerated by the child. Yulia Antonovich, mother of a student in Grodno:
– I vaccinate my child against the flu every year, from the age he went to kindergarten – that is, since 2015, and my child does not get sick, therefore, therefore I vaccinate him – because I see the result from vaccinations. the garden, by the way, pays significant attention to preventive measures. Irina Dobrenko, head of the nursery-garden number 85 in Grodno:
– Preschool institutions are doing a lot of work to prevent colds. This is garlic therapy, and the fortification of the third dish, this is the air bath, and the health path. It is imperative that the room should be ventilated – children even sleep with an open transom, but of course, it is imperative that there are no drafts, sanitary conditions must be met, a high culture of hygienic services for children. Thanks to this prevention, we can confidently say that our children are less sick compared to others. The fact that it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it has long been known. Everyone knows how to minimize the risk of getting sick, from young to old. And if you add a flu vaccine to the body of simple rules, you can say with almost absolute certainty that in winter you will not have to refuse to play snowballs due to illness. .


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