If you want to escape the flu epidemic in 2018 and get yourself vaccinated, it could have a hard time, because there are already delivery bottlenecks.
            Before the flu epidemic in 2018, the vaccine will be scarce
Reason for the vaccine deficiency
Certain regions are without vaccines
Before the flu epidemic in 2018, the vaccine is scarce. Probably no one has expected: The flu epidemic 2018 is still not really in the starting blocks, because the vaccine is already scarce. More than 15 million doses have been released, according to the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which is responsible for the vaccines. But that's not enough, because there are already bottlenecks in many regions. The bad thing is that the production is already finished, so there is no further supply. Anyone who has not yet been vaccinated, so could go out empty-handed. Reason for Vaccine DeficiencyBecause of the lack of drugs for vaccination is the great rush to the flu vaccines. Since this year for the first time the health insurance companies bear the cost of the quadruple vaccine, more Germans are vaccinated than in previous years. In addition, it became known only in April that the funds take over the costs of the tetravalent vaccine. Previously, they only paid the triple vaccine. The manufacturers had only a few months to boost the production of the quadruple vaccine – that was definitely too short. Certain regions are without vaccines In some areas, the vaccine is no longer to get – that also admits Susanne Stöcker from PEI in an interview with RTL: "There are areas where there are no problems, but we also get messages that no vaccine too In any case, the doctor should first ask at several pharmacies and these at several wholesalers, as it may even give a different good care from city to city. " She also calls for physicians and pharmacists to fill out a form on the PEI homepage if no more vaccine is available in the region. The institute wants to take care of the problem together with the manufacturers.Read more: What brings a flu vaccine Harmless cold or real flu: What is the difference Removed cold: When viruses are deadly for us



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