Fly or ant bite? Here’s how you can figure it out

1. Fly

If you have the impression that flies are insects that only bite dogs and cats, you are wrong, they can even bite humans. You may have several bumps grouped on your body. If you have animals, check their fur and look carefully to see if they have egg deposits. Skin with itchy sensation can be another sign that you have been bitten by a fly. Be careful, because flies can carry the Zika virus, a virus that can cause birth defects in babies. Symptoms include fever, headache, irritation, red eyes, joint and muscle pain.

2. Bee

You will easily know if your bee has bitten you because of the stinging sensation on your skin. The area may usually hurt and swell immediately. Make sure that now the bee is not left under your skin and apply salt directly on the bite. If the needle gets stuck under the skin, see a doctor immediately, especially if you have allergic reactions, such as excessively swollen body parts, excessive itching, and difficulty breathing.

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