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Flybe's passengers are angry as the airline takes a new "zero tolerance" position on hand baggage rules

Flybe has upset some passengers by adopting a new zero-tolerance approach to their hand luggage policy and charging travelers who violate the rules £ 54 per flight.

The beleaguered airline, which is negotiating a potential takeover offer with a Virgin Atlantic consortium of airlines, has its current baggage regulations since 2016. From 17 January, Flybe shared with the airline I Steps have been taken to ensure that all baggage is now fully compliant using a zero tolerance policy.

Compared to other low-cost airlines, the fare is low – passengers may have two cabin bags, one up to 55 x 35 x 20 cm and the other a smaller one that fits under the front seat. The combined weight of both articles must not exceed 10 kg.

By comparison, easyJet allows passengers to carry only one bag (although it's 56 x 45 x 25 cm larger), while Ryanair and Wizz Air only allow passengers to carry a bag the size of a small backpack on board for free.

Passengers, however, may have been impressed by the fact that the cabin bags of other airlines are more generously dimensioned – those of Ryanair for priority passengers are 55 x 40 x 20 cm. This means that bags registered with competing airlines do not meet the more stringent criteria of Flybe.

The passengers have complained since the position change, which has hit many unprepared.

Vikki Calcutt, who flew from Birmingham to Belfast on Tuesday, January 29, said I This staff went through the queue and marked larger pockets. Those whose markings had been marked had to stand in line to try to fit them into the pocket boom. She claims that more than 20 passengers had to pay an oversized luggage charge of £ 54.

In the meantime, student Luke Baker traveled with his girlfriend from Newcastle to Exeter on Sunday, January 27, when he was forced to pay the fee.

"We planned it in advance and used the same bags as hand luggage, which we always use," he said. They had no choice but to cough each £ 54.

"As students, we struggle with money, so it was very stressful for us. But we hardly had a choice, "he added.

Allana O'Malley, flight from Knock to Amsterdam via Manchester, twittered: "Extremely bad customer service @Irelandwest in Knock. Arbitrary enforcement of cabin bag regulations. Although my frame fit into the frame, it was not allowed, even though it had passed in your plane last week. No explanation. No satisfaction. Will not fly with you anymore! "

A spokesman for Flybe said employees only enforce the existing policy.

The human being puts all the contents of the handbag in the coat in order to avoid the new guidelines of Ryanair

"We accept that we have not consistently applied this policy in the past, and after customer feedback, steps have been taken to ensure that all cabin baggage is now fully compliant," they said.

"This makes it fair for everyone and also speeds boarding."



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