Flying bike.. great speed and exorbitant amount

The flying motorcycle appeared at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan

The bike is produced by Irwins, a Delaware-based company that manufactures drones and unmanned vehicles.

The bike currently costs $777,000, and the company says it will develop a smaller model next year, as well as an all-electric model in 2025 to sell for around $50.

“I feel like I’m 15 and I just got out of Star Wars and got on their bike,” auto show participant Thad Scott told Reuters.

“It’s great and comfortable to take off and land, and I can’t wait for the future,” he added.

Since last fall, the bike has been on sale in Japan, and it is not classified as an aircraft and therefore does not require a license to drive it, however, due to strict laws, it is only allowed to be flown over designated racetracks.

When resting on the ground, the motorcycle rests on two landing slides, similar to those seen on a conventional helicopter, weighing up to 300 km and measuring about 3 and a half meters long.

The CEO of the manufacturer, Hoshi Komatsu, believes that consumers will buy bikes from his entertainment company, and governments can buy them for law enforcement or to inspect the infrastructure.