Focus Home Interactive is recruiting its Chief Financial Officer at Gameloft

(AOF) – Focus Home Interact has appointed Laure d’Hauteville Group Financial Director and member of the Comex. She has extensive experience in the world of finance. Laure d’Hauteville began her career as a financial analyst in the video games sector, then spent ten years in a large international group (Areva) in the position of financial controller where she worked in particular at the local level to United States than at the group level.

She joined Focus after seven years at Gameloft – developer of mobile games – where she held the role of Deputy Chief Financial Officer, member of the Executive Committee.

Laure d’Hauteville succeeds Jean-François Busnel, who is stepping down as Group Chief Financial Officer after having actively participated in setting up financing and in the first acquisitions of development studios. Jean-François Busnel will ensure an effective transition period with Laure d’Hauteville.


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