“Focus on Brexit”: Pyongyang calls UK plan to deploy warships in Asia “provocation”

North Korea on Tuesday lashed out at the UK for its plan to permanently deploy two warships to the Asia-Pacific region, calling it a “provocation” and claiming London would be better off focusing on Brexit.

A statement posted on the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website condemns the UK’s decision, as well as comments from British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who suggested that Pyongyang and Beijing are trying to isolate Japan and Korea. of the South and threaten the freedom of navigation in the region.

“Restore its declining state”

“The United Kingdom, which is escalating the situation by sending warships to the distant Asia-Pacific region, is using our ‘threat’ as an excuse,” an official denounced in the statement, in which he crossed out this idea of “Absurd.” and qualifies the actions of the European country as “dangerous”.

In this sense, Pyongyang accuses London of trying to “restore its state in decline”, while warning that its plan will only provoke strong opposition from other countries and may increase tensions in the already delicate regional situation.

‘It would be better for the UK to focus on the problematic outcome of Brexit rather than unreasonably risking others for the realization of its political goals,’ says the statement, which indicates that the days when the European nation could ‘colonize’ are over. .

“Flexion of muscles in China”

The British Secretary of Defense announced in July that the UK will “permanently” deploy two ships to the Indo-Pacific region this year to “protect and maintain international order standards-based ‘together with Japan.

Also, according to the North Korean statement, the announcement coincides with the passage of the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and her escort ships through the area. The aircraft carrier, accompanied by a major strike group that includes two destroyers, two frigates, two support ships, and ships from the United States and the Netherlands, is currently sailing to Japan, where it will conduct multiple exercises with allies.

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Upon arrival, China held military exercises last week in two regions of the South China Sea.

For his part, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, affirmed that Beijing “respects the freedom of navigation and overflight in the waters around China”, a practice that “countries enjoy in accordance with international law.” . However, the spokesperson emphasized, Beijing “strongly opposes the practice of flexing muscles in China, which undermines sovereignty and security of the country and sabotages regional peace and stability. «

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Source: RT.com
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