Focus: Ukrainian Army Reversal, Additional Western Weapons Essential for Kherson Recapture | Reuters

[Mykolaiv (Ukraine) 15th Reuters]–Ukraine soldiers approaching the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine are feeling that they will soon be able to recapture the city of Kherson, a strategic strategic point on the Black Sea coast.

Ukrainian soldiers approaching the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine feel that they will soon be able to recapture the city of Kherson, a strategic strategic point on the Black Sea coast. The photo shows a destroyed Russian tank and vehicle. Taken on the 12th at Mykolaiv (2022 Reuters / Edgar Su)

Army officer Sergie said in a trench along the highway connecting Mykolaiv and Kherson, “You can reach Kherson in 15 minutes. Southern troops are ready. All you have to do is wait for the arrival of weapons and orders. “I told mykolaiv.

However, according to military analysts, it would be difficult for Ukrainian troops to seriously advance the last 30 kilometers to Kherson as part of a large-scale reversal offensive without a large supply of weapons and personnel.

Kyiv (Kyiv) analyst Oleg Zhdanov said, “It can’t happen right away. Re-arming will only make it possible to capture major regional cities like Kherson.” The western weapons that are arriving now are still just a “drop of the ocean.”

Kherson Governor’s adviser Furani told Ukrainian television stations earlier this week that Ukraine has regained territory in the South for the second straight week and the tactical victory is “turning into a reversal offensive.”

Ukrainian troops have advanced in several places and have regained control of the Kherson Oblast from Russia. So far, Russia has only announced full control in Kherson Oblast.

As a result, the cities of Mykolaiv and Kherson have an optimistic atmosphere.

A woman from Kherson said she was moving from the evacuated west with her family to near the front, waiting for the city of Kherson, or at least some small cities nearby, to be released in the coming weeks. rice field.

Mykolaiv’s top executive told Reuters last week that Ukraine’s massive counterattack was “a matter of time.”

Ukraine claims that peace negotiations will only be possible after Russian troops withdraw from the occupied territories, and it is crucial to successfully counterattack and recapture the entire breadbasket of Kherson Oblast.

However, although the troops are moving forward, the front remains near the middle of the 60-kilometer highway connecting Mykolaiv and Kherson.

Ukrainian troops in the south have also been deployed by the United States in recent weeks with “M777” howitzers, but so far there are not enough, and Ukraine is still inferior in terms of the number of guns, officials said.

Hidden under the bridge, the engineer responsible for the Soviet-designed mortar said, “I know it’s deployed. I’ve seen launches, but many are in operation. I haven’t seen it. “

No local officials could tell when the long-range, high-mobility rocket artillery system “HIMARS,” which the United States had promised to provide, would be deployed and begin to produce results.

In an interview, Mykolaiv Mayor Senkevic stated, “There is nothing that can change the battle situation significantly other than new long-range weapons. Once this long-range gun is deployed, the attack can be launched immediately.”

Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Arestovich said this week that Western nations are determined to provide enough weapons to bring Russia to the negotiating table, recognizing the limits of weapons provision.

Many volunteers have been enlisted in the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the war, but Governor Kim of Mykolaiv warned that the number of troops could be an important issue for a large-scale counterattack.

Kim told Reuters, “It’s a difficult situation for troops. We can’t afford to lose a lot of soldiers,” a full-scale reversal offensive may have to wait for more troops to be mobilized or troops to return from the east. I explained.

Mayor Senkevic said that a successful attack on the Ukrainian side may require a 3: 1 advantage over Russia and a 5: 1 advantage over Russia’s trenches. The size of the attacking force must be increased. “

(Reporter by Conor Humphries)