Focused Energy wants to generate energy with nuclear fusion

When the sun’s energy production could be harnessed on earth, mankind would probably have taken care of energy supplies. The associated promises sound tempting: because with nuclear fusion, electricity can be supplied constantly, regardless of the weather and time of day, and it does so without emissions and at relatively low prices. It is the ultimate opportunity to become independent of fossil fuels, the hope of an energy revolution – and with it a billion-dollar market. The Darmstadt location could play an important role in the race for this disruptive nuclear fusion technology.

Daniel Schleidt

Coordinator of the economics department in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Because there, in July last year, Focused Energy was founded, a start-up that wants to promote and commercialize this new, revolutionary form of energy generation. The company, which emerged from the TU Darmstadt, is planning billions in investments over the next few years with the help of investors and grants to show that nuclear fusion can reliably turn away from fossil fuels. Modern nuclear fusion plants and thus hundreds of jobs, including at suppliers, could be created in Darmstadt in the next few years – if Focused Energy’s approach prevails and the political decision-makers are willing to support the company.