Folklore Training Cycle Brings Joyful Celebration of May 25th in Schools

The beneficiaries in each school worked with the teachers in the planning and assembly of the act of May 25. They participated in the “Corazón Victoria” Generative School, ENI 14 “Teacher Berta Rinaudi”, ENI 15 “Sonrisas Coloridas”, CEN 8 “Teachers Lucio Lucero”, School No. 5 “Bartolomé Mitre”, School No. 24 “Pancha Hernández” and the “Governor José Santos Ortiz” School.

The artists shared their passion for dance

Carolina Vargas did her teaching practice in the Garabato room of the Initial Level School No. 15 “Sonrisas Coloridas”, located in the Mirador del Portezuelo neighborhood.

He shared that he had a wonderful interaction with the boys: “From the first day of school they showed a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity to learn and explore the world of folklore. During our classes we try to create an environment adapted to their age and level of development”, she indicated.

“The most gratifying thing was to see how the children were acquiring dance skills. I am very happy and grateful for having had this great opportunity, ”she assured.

Rocío González, another dancer who is part of the cultural system, developed her practice at School No. 98 “Gobernador José Santos Ortiz” with third grade boys. During the event on May 25, the students were able to show everything they learned with her in the practices. “It feels beautiful to be able to teach. It is important that children learn more about our folk dances,” she commented.

Rocío lived this enriching experience with expectation and joy: “Being able to leave our beautiful ´Puente Blanco´ Cultural Center to explore the world of teaching is a unique and wonderful opportunity. We are very grateful to the provincial government for these training cycles”, she highlighted.

For her part, Solciré Pellegrino worked at Educational Center No. 8 “Maestras Lucio Lucero” with the three grades that make up the first group in the morning shift.

“The deal with the boys was very nice. They are super loving and predisposed to learn what you propose to them. It is the first time that I have had to teach such young children. It was also a learning experience for me and I enjoyed it a lot”, said Solciré.

During the meetings they prepared artistic numbers and rehearsed for the act of May 25. “My intention was for the children to enjoy and be able to show off. The result was spectacular, the boys were happy and their parents were very excited to see them dance, ”she described.

Lastly, she expressed her gratitude to the directors and teachers of the institution for the warm reception they gave her and her classmates. “They gave us everything we needed to work comfortably,” she remarked.

The training cycle was launched in March and was coordinated between the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and Social Development. It is an opportunity that aims at improvement that, at the same time, generates new creative and work horizons.

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2023-06-01 21:31:03

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