Similar to Pokémon Go, Follow JC Go or Follow Jesus Christ is a free app designed for the Catholic community. But instead of chasing Pokémon, the player will look for something else.

In search of saints

The Catholics now have their own "Pokémon Go". After receiving the Pope's blessings, a third-party developer has put the Follow JC Go. It was developed by the Ramon Pane Foundation, dedicated to the promotion of evangelization. With this app, players will search for Catholic saints and biblical characters. They will also follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and form an evangelism team.

During the course, it will be necessary to answer the questions posed by the biblical characters met en route, reports LCI. Objects necessary for their "virtual survival", including water, food will also be available and it is possible to to ascend spirituality through prayer.

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An educational, religious and interactive game

The purpose of Follow JC Go is not just aboutteach the Catholic faithbut also to encourage young people to works of mercy. "We are looking for an educational video game, religious and interactive, with which they can form teams of evangelization"Argentine Ricardo Grzona, executive director of the Ramon Pane Foundation, told the story of The idea of ​​associating technology with evangelization has also impressed Pope Francis.

The game is available for free on iOS and Android. It has been launched in Spanish, but will be available soon in English, Italian and Portuguese.



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