Followed the trend and issued an announcement “It is forbidden to throw cakes at the Mona Li shark”. Netizens laughed and said: What about throwing meatballs? | LIFE | CTWANT

Recently, the treasure of the Louvre Museum in France, “Mona Lisa’s Smile” (Mona Lisa), was severely smashed with a cake, but fortunately, the painting itself was protected by bulletproof glass, so the painting was not damaged. After this incident came out, it also attracted many people and companies to follow the trend to make meme pictures. The well-known lifestyle chain IKEA also followed the trend and posted a post, taking out the “Mona Li Shark’s Smile” that was on display in the branch, asking netizens to jointly Protection, no throwing of any cake is allowed.

IKEA issued an article on May 31, stating, “In view of the fact that the “Mona Lisa’s Smile” was smashed by the French Louvre recently, we will also strengthen the IKEA Taipei City Store – Little Arena on-site display of “Mona Lisa”. The protection of “The Shark’s Smile” prohibits everyone from throwing any cakes (including but not limited to the cakes sold by IKEA).”

It is understood that “The Silly Smile of the Mona Li Shark” is actually a “Shark Famous Painting Exhibition” produced by the IKEA branch with the theme of world famous paintings and the famous doll shark in the store as the protagonist. In addition to “Self-Portrait of Sharks Pretending to Have Ears” and “Sharks with Pearl Earrings”, their own funny and funny designs attracted the attention of many netizens at the beginning of their development.

“Shark Famous Paintings Exhibition” has two other paintings. (Picture / Retrieved from IKEA’s official website)

After this post was posted, many netizens left messages saying, “Who would waste the delicious cake in their hands and throw this away?” balls”, “Ikea is not throwing cakes, usually eggs, sugar, flour, cream, and a cookbook”, “Can I throw meatballs?”, “The following should be added: Welcome to throwing salmon steaks”, and even Some netizens asked, “Is this painting for sale?”.