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Following Reports of a Gaza Deal, Hamas Says It Will Pay Officials' Salaries

Gaza's Finance Ministry wants to pay officials 60 percent of their July salaries as part of the Gaza border, the ministry's director-general, Yusuf Al-Kayali, said Tuesday evening.

Reports from Gaza said that would be the bill for the salaries. Egypt and the United Nations' special Mideast envoy, Nickolay Mladenov are involved in the negotiations.

Israel is looking for ways to pump money into the Strip Gazans are bending Israel and Hamas to their will – all the way to a deal Analysis ■ Why Netanyahu is willing to pay a political price for keeping Gaza talks alive | Analysis

Hamas and Palestinian factions celebrated Tuesday night What are the victories? A statement has been made in Israel for the peace of mind.

"The achievements are reinforcing the steadfastness of the Palestinian people for the sake of realizing their full rights which were taken from them," the statement said.

At the same time, Youssef Ibrahim, director general of the Gaza Welfare Ministry, said that he would pay 700 shekels ($ 190) to each of his families. A sum of $ 100 would be paid to another 50,000 families in Gaza.

Ibrahim also presented a plan to absorb more employees which would help the 10,000 professionals living in Gaza. In addition, the Qatari Rehabilitation Committee for Gaza said he would be in favor of Gaza, Mohammed El-Amadi would head to Gaza in the coming days to announce new plans for infrastructure and humanitarian aid projects.

Qatar supplies to the power plant.

Al-Akhba newspaper, Israel announced it was moving the Gaza fishing zone off the coast while Hamas and the Palestinian factions were on the verge of collapse.



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