Following the acquisition in the neighboring markets, BPN Lietuva changes its name

Linas iautkulis, Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian Marketing Association LiMA, Director of BPN Intense. Photo by Vladimir Ivanovo (V)

Following the acquisition in Latvia and Estonia, BPN Lithuania, the media planning agent operating in all three Baltic States, will now become BPN Intense in Lithuania, and will operate on behalf of the Intense Group in the Baltic States.

As an agent, we have grown rapidly in Lithuania and in just three years we have become a TOP3 agent in the country, so we want to ensure analogous development in Latvia and Estonia. We started later, so we wanted to strengthen our position in the neighboring countries much faster, and during the past year we successfully completed and implemented acquisitions and mergers in the Latvian and Estonian markets. In Latvia, the holding company managing BPN acquired Creative media Baltic, and in Estonia CMSPHD (Creative Media Service O) agentr. After merging them with BPN brand agents in Latvia and Estonia, they now operate under one Intense group name, so we adjust the BPN Lithuania name accordingly, says Linas iautkulis, BPN Intense manager in a distributed report.

According to L. iautkulis, the main goal of the merger is to further strengthen customer service at the level of the Baltic States and to repeat the success story of BPN Lithuania in other Baltic countries as well.

We aim to become among the TOP3 agents in terms of turnover in the next three years with Intense agents in both Latvia and Estonia, L. iautkulis is planning.

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The Intense Group also unites the iRetail division, which provides store concept design and planogram auditing and preparation services using the Danish iRetail methodology, milieu work and mammalian consumer behavior research.

By combining iRetail Mom Trade Analyst with media planning, we can more accurately identify the most effective and most profitable media solutions in the mammal space. The combination of the holistic approach to omni-channel trading, iRetail methodology and research, data analytics and highly developed digital competencies allows BNP Intense to develop fast-growth strategies for different categories of businesses, says L. iautkulis.

BPN is part of the global agentr network IPG mediabrands, operating on the franchise principle. 2020 the agent reached 12.5 million. Eur turnover.

Among the largest BPN Lietuva clients are: Topo grup, Inchcape Baltics, Gintarin vaistin, Membershop and others.

Vra, BPN Lithuania’s sales during 2020 increased by 1% to 12.4 million. Eur.

The growth that, after an extraordinary second quarter of last year, when results fell by more than 50%, managed to mobilize and recover. Due to efficient media investment decisions even during quarantine and e. commerce customers ended the year with growth, albeit symbolic, in the summer, V iautkulis said.

Read more about the annual results of the media planning agent here.

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