Fonasa details positive balance of Zero Copayment in Antofagasta


Government measure incorporates more than 2,500 benefits, including surgical interventions, Emergency Law, Special Programs such as in vitro fertilization, bariatric surgery, and more.

More than 9,000 people in sections C and D under the age of 60 have benefited from the implementation of Zero Copayment in the Antofagasta region, reported the North Zonal Director of Fonasa, Elba Varas, and the Antofagasta Health Seremi, Jessica Bravo, at a press point held at the Avenida Brasil Fund Branch.

The Fund’s zonal authority highlighted that of the 9,079 people who only up to September of this year have benefited from Zero Copayment in the area, they have had significant pocket savings. “Families have had savings, at the regional level, of more than 216 million pesos,” said Varas, specifying that Copago Cero is a state contribution that covers 100 percent of care when the beneficiary population is cared for in the Network Public Health. “The average savings at the national level is around $250,000,” he recalled.

He added that “we are very happy because there will be more than 214 thousand people from sections C and D, under 60 years of age, who will access Zero Copayment in Antofagasta. Therefore, families will have complete free of charge and, above all, financial protection”.

For her part, the Antofagasta Regional Ministerial Secretary of Health, Jessica Bravo, explained that Zero Copayment began in September of this year, being one of the most important measures of this Administration. “The Zero Copayment is extremely important for the region and as a government we are working so that all Chileans, as President Boric has ordered us, have access to healthcare,” said Bravo, stressing that this allows families not to get into debt when require an intervention in the Public Health Network.

Jaqueline Guzmán Muñoz, one of the many Zero Copayment beneficiaries in Antofagasta, described that for her and her family it was a tremendous relief, since she had been waiting for her surgery since 2019.

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“This (Zero Copay) is a contribution and it was a benefit for me and my family. A significant monetary savings. And it is more complicated when one does not have how to pay for it. This benefits us all ”, Guzmán exposed to the press, highlighting that she had been waiting for her nasal surgery intervention for 3 years.

“The waiting list progressed very quickly, and now that I have undergone surgery and when it was time to pay at the Antofagasta Regional Hospital, they told me that my intervention was free, so to date I am very happy and grateful to everyone” , remarked the beneficiary.

AUGE/GES or NO GES care in the Public Network will have zero cost and there are more than 2,500 paid services in the Institutional Care Modality (MAI) incorporated in Zero Copayment.