Seven and a half pages, handwritten, to explain his desire to end life. Seven pages and a half estimated between 60,000 and 80,000 euros since its author is none other than the poet Charles Baudelaire, who wrote there "I kill myself because I believe myself immortal" .This testimony, undoubtedly inestimable, suffering and torment of the author of the "Flowers of Evil", in 1845, will now join the house of the one who, by telephone, acquired this document for 180 000 euros hammer, or 234 000 euros including tender costs. On this Sunday, Osenat organized an afternoon at Fontainebleau devoted to the writings of great writers. This letter announcing a suicide, that Baudelaire will miss a few days later, was the subject of a fight of collectors, most of them by telephone or Internet, during seven minutes. The meter almost stopped at 140,000 euros to leave more beautiful.8 450 euros, a letter from Victor HugoIn the room, buyers, very discreet, admitted to have moved "for a crush" or "for a letter from my favorite writer, Henry Miller. "An incendiary critic of the" Flowers of Evil "by Le Figaro, annotated by the poet to his lawyer, was awarded 19,500 euros including tax. His handwritten poem, rejected at the time because considered too subversive, "Promises of a face", left for 3,900 euros. A letter from Victor Hugo to Baudelaire, estimated at 1,500 euros, also appealed to buyers because an enthusiast was willing to pay 8 450 euros to acquire it.Note that the letter of the painter Eugène Delacroix to Charles Baudelaire, auctioned at 7 540 euros, was preempted by the State for the museum Delacroix (Paris, VIe). The first edition of the novel "The Human Beast" by Émile Zola, entirely annotated by the author and sold at 45,500 euros, did not, however, have the favors of the National Library.


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