Food bank raises standard for aid package collection due to inflation


NOS NewsSaturday, 18:04

Food banks are broadening the standard for obtaining a food package. That is what the umbrella organization Food Banks Netherlands decided this afternoon. The measure responds to the rising cost of living, which is causing more households to find themselves in financial difficulties.

Food banks look at household income and the level of fixed costs. The amount that remains after deduction of the fixed costs for food and clothing, among other things, determines whether or not someone is eligible for food packages.

For example, it is still the case that a single parent with two children who has less than 450 euros left after deduction of the fixed costs, is welcome at the Food Bank. That amount will be increased to 520 euros. For a single person, the standard amount goes from 250 to 300 euros. The new directive takes effect immediately.

Adjustment earlier this year

Normally, the amount is adjusted on January 1. But the food banks have decided to make the adjustment earlier due to high inflation. As a result, low and low-middle incomes are in danger of not being able to make ends meet.

The food banks assume that more people will sign up for a food package, including more and more working people and dual earners. A point of concern is that less food is donated to food banks. One of the reasons is that supermarkets themselves are organizing more campaigns to combat waste.