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The economy of a country needs a course to progress. That course may be led by a government of the left, which seek to move forward through a sufficient public expenditure to ensure the growth of social welfare, or by a right-wing, which aims to give more economic freedom to citizens-leaving more money in their pockets , fundamentally- for its development. I speak grosso modo. The two roads are valid. But nobody doubts that an economy to grow needs a direction and someone to watch that it does not get discouraged.

We can not get carried away by the mirage that without government we continue to grow, as is happening in these last years, because it is the inertia of a machinery that sooner or later will slow down if nobody hits an accelerator. Occurs in unemployment, which continues to rise, but increasingly slow. And we also see the perniciousness of being without Government in the evolution of car sales, which began to fall after the nefarious statements of the Minister of Industry,Reyes Maroto, on the counted days of the disel and do not recover because nobody knows what policy will continue with the car or the government that arrives.

Every year the country needs Budgets that specify the economic policy of the Executive. And it also requires a government that is capable of thinking beyond it and undertakes reforms that make us more competitive. Education at all levels, public pensions, the labor market, digitalization, energy transition … are issues that require a government determined to take measures lasting more than one term.

That is why the spectacle that political leaders are giving in negotiations to form governments is inexplicable. It makes no sense that 75 days after a general election they have been unable to achieve even the slightest agreement to begin a qualified legislature. There are no excuses. Not even that in Spain we are not used to negotiating government agreements, coalition governments, cooperation or half pensioners. It says a lot about the political stature of current leaders who are unable to sit down to agree. And it produces foreign embarrassment to see that the same ones that by their look of low flight block an investiture propose a change of laws -even of the Constitution- to … avoid blockages in the investiture, understand it?

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