Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar blocked in Brazil, a huge risk!

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During the confinement period in France, essential in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Neymar and Thiago Silva returned to Brazil urgently.

The two Paris Saint-Germain players flew to South America with the agreement of PSG leaders. A few days later, Edinson Cavani made a similar decision when he returned to Uruguay. Decisions that PSG players and the Ile-de-France club may well regret in a few weeks, when it will again be possible to play football in France. At least, that’s the opinion of Sevilla’s Brazilian midfielder Fernando. Asked by Radio Sévilla, he thought it was much wiser to stay in Europe because of the uncertainty linked to the development of the health crisis in South America.

“I have ruled out returning to Brazil because I feel safe here in Seville with my family. Thiago Silva and Neymar do not even know if they will be able to return to Europe because I think, unfortunately, the same (health) problem will be in Brazil in a few weeks. In Spain, I think within two or three weeks, infections will go down. No one expected the virus to do this. “ explained the former midfielder of Galatasaray, for whom the best decision was undoubtedly to stay in Spain in order to avoid a trip to Brazil and a possible quarantine on the return to Europe, as PSG fears for Neymar and Thiago Silva. Let’s hope for Paris that this catastrophic scenario, which could deprive the two players of the resumption of training and perhaps even a few games, will not be confirmed.


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