FOOTBALL – Atlético Vega Real and Cibao FC define the Dominican League championship

On Sunday, October 31, the return final of the 2021 season of the Dominican Football League will be played. The game will be at two in the afternoon at the Condor Stadium in the city of La Vega. In the first leg match the result was a 1-1 draw, so this match will define the champion of the seventh edition of the LDF.

Vegans come to the end of the tournament with a positive streak of eight games without knowing defeat, all this since Edward Acevedo took the reins of the club in the middle of the league. Of those last eight games they won six and only drew two.

For their part, those of Cibao FC have two consecutive games without losing, beating Pantoja 4-1 in the semis and equaling 1 with La Vega in the first final. In their last 9 games they have a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses.

For Cibao FC it will be their national final number four. Their first final was in the 2016 season and there they were defeated by Barcelona Atlético, in 2018 they were champions after beating Atlético San Francisco and in 2019 they fell to their classic rival, Atlético Pantoja. It should be noted that Cibao FC is the club with the highest number of finals reached and has a short tournament that was conquered in 2019.

Atlético Vega Real reaches their first final in seven seasons, of which they managed to qualify for the semis on three occasions (2018 – 2019 – 2021). After qualifying for the national grand final, the vegans obtained their pass to the Caribbean championship club tournament for the next season 2022, just like Cibao FC.

This season Cibao FC has achieved a total of 19 victories and La Vega 14, being two of the three most winners of the 2021 season. Atlético Pantoja was second in the accumulated victories statistic with 15.

The history of champions of the Dominican Soccer League has been very democratic to date, since in the previous six seasons there have been five different champions.

The first champion was Atlético Pantoja in 2015, in 2016 it was the turn of another club from the capital, Barcelona Atlético, in 2017 it was the turn of Atlántico FC, in 2018 Cibao FC was crowned champion for the first time, while for In 2019 Atlético Pantoja became the first two-time LDF champion. In 2020, in a special tournament, the O&M FC university students were champions.

The final match will be broadcast on CDN channel 37 starting at 2 in the afternoon and on the YouTube channel of the Dominican Football League.