Football : Demoted in CFA2 in 2011, Strasbourg should already be the League 1

The Racing Club Strasbourg, which has to be imposed in the face of Bourg-en-Bresse on Friday to confirm his return to Ligue 1, is poised to regain its position, after nine seasons spent scrapping in the meanders of French football.

The club alsatian had been relegated to Ligue 2 in 2008 and was even down in CFA2 (5th level) in 2011 after a judicial liquidation. The “remontada” is an example of a spectacular turnaround that shows that this club has all the keys to survive at the top level of the chessboard of French football.

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CFA2, CFA, National : an audience that broke all records

With 6 500 spectators average in CFA2, and records the regular crowd in the amateur world (10 883 in CFA2, 20 000 in CFA, 26 700 in the country), the club has been able to count on a hard core in the reconstruction process. In League 2 this season, they are almost 17 000 on average to the Meinau.

“Strasbourg and its region, it really is a club of amazing. If it is there today, it is thanks to them. They make so much noise at the Meinau that one is forced to boost”, says the midfielder Dimitri Liénard.


Marc Keller, the president-savior

In Alsace, Marc Keller is a figure of the saviour of the club in 2012 when he decided to take the presidency with the support of a pole of local shareholders that it has managed to convince. The public authorities have quickly made trust.

“at the time I was looking for a president who could reconcile the issues of credibility, rigour, ethics and of link with the territory. Marc is a man who is in Strasbourg in the blood and Racing in the heart”, recalls Alain Fontanel, first deputy mayor of Strasbourg and former assistant to the finance (2008-2014).


Thierry Laurey, a coach challenges

With Thierry Laurey to the commands from the summer of 2016, the RC Strasbourg, can count on a coach to be rigorous, which with modest means this past season, has failed to maintain the GFCO Ajaccio in Ligue 1. As with the club corsica, the native of Troyes is going to republish two climbs in a row with Strasbourg.

“This is the man that it was necessary to Racing, this season. He has perfectly managed its workforce and able to adapt to the Alsace region”, told AFP a representative of one of the main sponsors. With a better budget than the Gazelec, Laurey can find the weapons to keep the team in Ligue 1, in the case of a rise.


sponsors galore

The Racing today relies on nearly 300 partners and a budget of 14 million euros, the eighth budget of L2. It has the structural bases solid, built methodically by Marc Keller.

behind the scenes, the strong man of the blue house effort to find a sustainable business model to a higher level. “The budget will have to at least double in the case of climb”, testified to the AFP, several sources close to the club of strasbourg.


The Meinau, an enlarged view

To accompany this rise in Ligue 1 as expected, the players of the round ball to Strasbourg working for some time on the renovation project of the stadium of Meinau (27 000 places), the current version of which date to 1984.

Club and local communities have initiated the funding of the first studies of need. “The early estimates are that around 90 to 100 million for a stadium of 38,000 seats outside accessibility, and parking”, told AFP Jean-Paul Omeyer, president of the commission sport of the regional Council Is Great.

“It is above all to develop spaces of quality to gain the loyalty of the sponsors,” recalls Alain Fontanel, first deputy mayor of Strasbourg, the owner of the sports arenas. “I think that in two years the project will be on the table,” said AFP Philippe Richert, president of the Region Grand-est.


The return of a taulier

The RC Strasbourg, and it is above all an institution in Alsace and Strasbourg, the 7th city of France. Founded in 1906, the club has a title Champion of France in 1979 under the era Gilbert Gress, three cups of France (1951, 1966, 2001) and two League Cup (1997, 2005). A club tailor-made for League 1. It remains only a step to climb to get back there nine years later.

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