Football fairy tale. A bus of fans of the famous Bayern came to Křepice for the match

At first they thought someone had fired. Martin Jurčík, the captain of the Křepice footballers who start in the fourth class, was contacted by representatives of the fan club of the current winner of the Champions League. “They called a week before the match. At first, no one wanted to believe it and it was found out which joker is behind it, “Jurčík said with a smile on his lip.

However, the telephone number from which the Bavarian fans responded had a German prefix and called from Munich. “The voice on the other hand said that it was not fun,” Jurčík added.

Forty minutes before the match with the B-manchaft of the Sokol Dyje Physical Education Unit, a bus with a German license plate actually arrived in front of the Křepice playground. “Forty-two fans in the jerseys and scarves of the Bundesliga champion came out of it. It should be noted that they were equipped with the flags of SK Bayern Křepice and all sorts of possible pyrotechnics, “explained the football player Josef Heger on behalf of the Czech cousin.

The 42-year-old fighter, who has been playing for Křepice since the early 1990s, was surprised by the flags with the logo of South Moravian Bayern. “They downloaded our logo on the Internet and had it made by them,” Heger said.

Foreign guests cheered violently. Thanks to that, the Křepičs lost the Dyje reserve 7: 0 high. “It was great. It never occurred to us that someone would come to see the square, let alone from Germany, “Josef Heger sounded astonished.

The newcomers and players sniffed at the atmosphere that can be seen in huge stadiums. “I dare say that the vast majority of players experienced something like this for the first time in their lives. According to him, the guests from Munich were also enthusiastic, “added the player Křepic.

The Bavarian fan club, however, was not the last time in a village in southern Moravia. “He will probably return in two years, when we are celebrating thirty years since the founding of the football team in Křepice,” Heger concluded.


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