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Berlin (AP) – The German national soccer player Robin Gosens wants to make a move to the Bundesliga at some point and has his favorite club FC Schalke 04 in mind.

“If the Bundesliga dream were to come true again in the future, then Schalke would certainly be the perfect match. My godfather took me to the Parkstadion for the first time, Schalke was always my club. (…) If I ever end up there, the circle would close,” said Gosens in a Sport1 interview.

The 28-year-old was linked with Bayer Leverkusen in the summer, but ultimately stayed at Inter Milan. “I spoke to Simon Rolfes on the phone and it was an open and honest exchange. I told him that I’m not done at Inter and that I want to attack. I feel very comfortable at Inter at the moment and I’m certainly not there against my will.” , stressed Gosens.

Gosens, who was born in Emmerich near the border, moved to the Netherlands when he was a junior and made the leap to the professional field there. In 2017 he moved to Atalanta Bergamo and finally to Inter. After a protracted injury, he has recently been used more frequently. “It was tough mentally. At the European Championship I was still the ‘Rising Star’ and the future in my position, then the injury came and suddenly you have to start from scratch again,” reported the full-back.

He found the hype at the EM to be exaggerated. “It was very difficult to process. After the Portugal game, everyone was talking about me, it was like a media explosion,” said Gosens: “Looking back, it was certainly not right that I was so blatantly praised at the European Championship , but writing me off again a few months later wasn’t right either. The swings up and down are too extreme.”

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