“Football is more beautiful with Hatem”, why PSG must absolutely give the title to Ben Arfa


Hatem Ben Arfa, April 13, 2018. – AFP
We are not going to lie, it stinks the photoshop image added by the trainee maket ‘Hatem fan under the mantle. But even if it is a professional suicide, the symbol is there. Hatem Ben Arfa, ostracized all season by the Parisian management and his staff, appears among the other PSG players (finally those who play for real) on a photo published by the official account of the club to celebrate the seventh title of champion of France in the history of Paris.

It’s over ! Paris wins this #PSGASM and becomes for the 7th time Champion of France! ? #ICICESTPARIS #CHAMPIONS pic.twitter.com/pRIrWMUq05 – Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_inside) April 15, 2018

Yet, unlike other elements that will be entitled to their little replica of the Hexagonal at the end of the season, lucky (Thimoty Weah, Stanley Nsoki), Hatem Ben Arfa can not claim to have won a sixth title in L1 . He should have played for at least a minute in the 2017-2018 season. It was enough for Twitter to claim justice by launching a hashatg #Hatemchampion , while a stammering petition was launched for the same purpose. The sports writing of 20 minutes , by personal tropism, can find without thinking 12,346 reasons to support such an initiative.

In 60s He is able to leave the midfield, dribble the opposing team, make a sombrero shot then a return “aeroacrobatic” and score the goal of the year in short let him 1 minute pr the pleasure of OUR eyes and Unai you have nothing to lose … #HatemChampion pic.twitter.com/AFutZvyaLm – Yannis (@YCGre) April 16, 2018

Play Hatem and we will be satisfied #HatemChampion https://t.co/Gk55pwl0Tv – ??? (@_nightcrawleer) April 16, 2018

Because a guy who answers “Barça or Real” in Antero Henrique when the sports director of the PSG tries to refourguer to the first Turkish club came is necessarily a genius, we have returned the French football (well the one who responds and who likes the loustic) to try to convince the PSG to play Hatem even if thirty seconds by the end of May.

Michel Ouazine, the agent of always: “It would please him, there is not a player who has trained with his friends all year round who would not like to wear the jersey at least once. Do you think we can be “big” in this environment? I would be surprised, but I can dream … Finally I do not believe in Santa Claus … It would be extraordinary on the part of the PSG, if only for his image, but is it in this logic? ”

Cyril Hanouna, a good friend among many others: “Hatem is a great player and a good guy, it would be great if he could finish on a good note with PSG. He was unlucky this year, but I am sure he will come back strong. ”

Henri Emile, a member of the Variété club de France, with whom Ben Arfa played his “last” match in the fall: “I wish him to wear the jersey at least a minute, there must be human in the management of clubs. He is a good guy, who has an exceptional state of mind. It’s a pity he can not say “I’m champion of France”. He still has his license at the club. ”

Guy Roux, the legend:

“If there was still Laurent Blanc, I could have called him to try to convince him. But there, in my opinion, there is nothing to do. ”

Jean-Claude Dassier, his former president at OM: “Football needs original personalities like Ben Arfa, which are out of the ordinary. Unai Emery would be well advised to put an end to this conflict and PSG would come out of it. That would allow to leave on a beautiful conclusion for a failed history between Ben Arfa and Paris. ”

Gauthier Fayolle, world champion freestyle (a bit like Hatem what): “Hatem Ben Arfa, it’s the beautiful game, the raw talent, and one of the best technicians of his generation, even French football. His style of play is everything I love in football. So, inevitably, I would love to see him treading the grass under the colors of PSG before the end of the season. ”

Marie-José, who has apparently inherited the former French number of Claude Puel: “I do not have an opinion on the question, but I hope it will end well for him. ”

Grégory Paisley, his partner during the famous match with the Variety: “I would have liked to see the Park at least once with Neymar, it would have been fun. Frankly, do you imagine the trio Neymar-Mbappé-Ben Arfa together in the field? ”

Hatem Ben Arfa, Marquinhos, Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani in training on March 5, 2018. – CHRISTOPHE SAIDI / SIPA Ludovic Obraniak, a friend in the middle: “If PSG is a big club as it claims and Nasser is a class man who knows how to put his ego aside, then they must play Hatem at least once to be champion of France too. They chose it, they have to assume it, no matter what happened. ”

Jérôme Alonzo, a former guard who took some pieces from the artist:

“I met him a few times in my career, a very respectful guy, always courteous with the elders. I played eighteen years pro, I have never seen a player who deserved it. ”

“Humanly, it’s a punishment, a humiliation, and yet I like PSG, I defend and defend it always, but whatever he did, nobody deserves it. Unfortunately, it will not happen, Unai Emery will go to the end of his idea, it’s his little gloriole as he goes away. ”

Quentin Westberg, promo buddy at Clairefontaine (and AJA keeper): “It would be better for the good of football. Football is more beautiful with Hatem. What I remember more is the broken kidneys, we all got martyred by him. He may not be the best player I met because we were young, but he was certainly one of the most talented. “


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