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Football: Jean-Louis Garcia, 100% coach

Garcia against Garcia. The Olympique de Marseille Rudi Garcia receives the Troyes of Jean-Louis Garcia, Wednesday, as part of the 19th day of Ligue 1 football. Portrait of the second, less known but just as fine tactician as his namesake.
The world | 20.12.2017 at 15:35 • Updated 20.12.2017 at 19:23 | By Etienne Labrunie

Do not tell him that his team plays ball well, it annoys him: ” Nothing to fuck good to play , I prefer to have a team of naggers and divide with points » , won the troyean coach Jean-Louis Garcia, 55, after an umpteenth compliment on the game played by his team, a night of defeat against Dijon (1-3). In vain. The praises redoubled after two glorious defeats against Monaco (2-3) and especially at Parc des Princes, against PSG (0-2).
“I’m happy and honored to recognize our job , but the beautiful game is the game that wins » he admits, more calm in the bowels of the Aube stadium. A new language of wood formula? Not so sure. “And what is the beautiful game? ” , he asks before he gets deliver to a long demonstration with his submachine gun. We do not stop it anymore. “He lives for football and he does not count his time when it comes to ball” , confides Manuel Nogueira, his assistant coach of always and brother-in-law in the civil.

At the game of the seven families of soccer Jean-Louis Garcia would belong to the 100% coach. A trainer never satisfied with balloon, using the mine of his pencil on his notebooks, watching matches until more thirsty. “I look, I observe, because I am in perpetual search for new things” he confesses. A quest that borders on the obsession.
The man is picky, sometimes to excess. “He does not leave anything pass because he wants go at the end of his ideas ” explains Manuel Nogueira. “It’s like with your children, you can be hard, tender , in conflict or benevolence ” , advance Jean-Louis Garcia. And this father of four boys (also grandfather) is rather in the feeling. “He loves his players, he is close to them” , emphasizes his deputy.
The soul of a coach
“On the move, he likes to play cards with us” , says defender Jimmy Giraudon. In training, this fan of hippism and trotters does not stop encouraging his foals. “In fact, the key to success is make so that the players get their foot on the ground ” , does he end up to affirm . So happy ? “I’m good with him, he did me a lot progress . But at first it was difficult because it is very demanding ” , explains Jimmy Giraudon, who came with him from Grenoble .
Jean-Louis Garcia has always had the soul of a coach: “In my beginnings, in Cannes, as soon as I could, I went spin a helping hand at the football school. ” He is 20 years old and the trough in his pocket when his training club tears him off as a bank employee. This goalkeeper will quickly be confined to the role of lining. Never far from the bench.
Practice for watch the coaches job. And not least. In Cannes first, there is Jean-Marc Guillou, a revolutionary football advocating an offensive game, based on the circulation of ball. “It influenced my vision of coaching” , slip Jean-Louis Garcia. Guillou’s deputy is none other than Arsene Wenger, “Already very charismatic” .
Then it will be one of his former teammates, the amazing Jean Fernandez. AT Nancy , he evolves under the orders … of Aimé Jacquet himself, who was not yet the patron saint of the coaches he has become since 1998. “He’s the one going finish to me to convince to pass my diplomas » , relates Jean-Louis Garcia.
At 27, still a player, he gets his first coaching rank. Last step : Nantes . On the banks of the Erdre, he meets his “Master trainer” : Jean-Claude Suaudeau, called “Coco”. The young man learns the secret of «Game in Nantes» , this science based on the perpetual movement then in full levitation.
«” Coco “taught me a lot and I was inspired by her method in my approach to the job» confesses Jean-Louis Garcia. Of his septennat Nantes remains also the date of 1 st March 1995, a nightmare night. FC Nantes, who then crushes everything in its path and heads for the title champion of la France , faces the Germans from Bayer Leverkusen in the knockout stages of the UEFA Cup. A curse fell on the goalkeepers of the Canaries. All three are on the flank.
Best coach in Ligue 2
“Coco” Suaudeau has no choice but to appeal to Jean-Louis Garcia, who has become the guards’ coach since the start of the season. The young pensioner discovers the Cup of Europe . Ouch. “I probably had too much stress. ” Morality? Two goals conceded in a quarter of an hour: a hand foul on the first and a disagreement with his defender on the second. A heavy final score (1-5) and “A very difficult moment” . It will be mitigated by the ovation of the stadium of La Beaujoire in the second leg, when he returns in the second half to palliate the injury of the holder.
After a passage through the center of training of Bordeaux , “Coach Garcia” launches in 2003 to Toulon , club passed by the League 1 but who vegetates in CFA (4 e Division). He does ascend the club in National where is morfond another glorious old, the SCO Angers – “The club that goes launch my career ” – who debauchery. He propels him into Ligue 2 one year later. In 2008, the SCO reaches the semi-finals of the Coupe de France and Jean-Louis Garcia is dedicated best coach of L2.
What stir greed. Bordeaux, Nancy, two clubs of L1, are on the ranks. He chooses Lens, relegated to L2, because he is seduced by the mirage of a great project built on Azeri funds more than unspecified. A year later, he is sacked. A first for him. A minitraversée of the desert and one finds it in 2015 in CFA on the bank of Grenoble. Then it’s Troyes in L2, in 2016. A barrage of victorious accession against Lorient, and here is the L1.
“When I thought it would not happen again” , said one who had finished major of his promotion of coach in 2006, in front of Laurent Blanc. Rest to himself maintain . Troyes, L1’s smallest budget (25 million euros), used to doing the elevator, wants to believe .
The club, for sale, even dreams of another dimension. Buyers would be on the line and the name of the former minister Eric Besson returns with insistence. Meanwhile, Jean-Louis Garcia polishes his tactics: “I’m sure our game has to allow to maintain us. “