Football: Lens – Valenciennes, it’s tonight (well, it should have been)

Lens and Valenciennes have faced each other 30 times in the championship in Pas-de-Calais (23 in L1 and 7 in L2) since 1937. At home, the scales are largely tilted in favor of the Sang et or (14 wins, 11 draws, 5 losses). Back to some of the most striking oppositions.

The first of 14 lensoise victories
. The first derby in history among professionals is disputed in Ligue 1 in 1937. A Ligue 1 to 16 which resembles a mini-championship of the north with FC Roubaix, EAC Roubaix, Olympique Lille, SC Fives and two new to the elite, Lens and Valenciennes. Identical start for both, 7th (1 win, 2 draws, 1 defeat). Lens won 2-1 before a bumpy season which saw him finish 14th. For VA, it will be a season of suffering, 16th and last, 77 goals conceded.

The most resounding success
. 6-2, pan in the teeth! At the time of entering this 18th day of the 1947-1948 season (L2), VA is still 2nd and Lens has been watching the podium for a few days (4th after 6 games without defeat). On January 11, 1948, at home, the Sang et Or made no gifts and took the opportunity to climb to 3rd place. But February will be right about the upturn. Douai, still in D2, and VA, on their return, will finish completing hopes of accession.

VA breaks the curse
. It was not until the 9th game of VA in Lens to see him win his first success. It’s the beginning of the great Valencian era. This March 24, 1963, the promoted has already made a good place in Ligue 1 (7th after 30 days). Despite the opening score of Ignace (28th), VA overturns the meeting around the break by Guillon (41st) and the inevitable Masnaghetti (48th).

The last lesson
. 3-0, clean and without burrs. There was no photo. The return to Ligue 1 of Valenciennes is in difficulty in 2006-2007. The derby comes after only five days. VA, who has just opened their counter against Rennes (3-2), challenges a lensoise team which has taken a card in Lille (4-0) and remains on three games without a win. The RCL reassures itself quickly. Perfect free kick from Demont for Dindane (7th, 1-0), breakthrough by Jemaa who serves Dindane (24th, 2-0) then new service from Jemaa for Demont (30th, 3-0). Everything is folded in the first half hour.

The cold spell
. This is the last VA success in Lens, the only one in Ligue 2. In 2015-2016, Nuno Da Costa cools all of Bollaert (32nd). A bad move for Lens who could still dream of the podium (three points) after 25 days. A good deal for VA (0-1) who deviates from the red zone. Lens will have tried everything, but Ntim on his line and Perquis on multiple occasions, will have allowed the VAFC to take revenge for the first leg.

Nuno Da Costa scores for VA. PHOTO DIDIER CRASNAULT

Ligue 1, only for one. After the championship, it’s still the championship. The 1990s also had their entry barriers. In 1990-1991, Lens and VA were each distributed in their D2 group. Lens finishes 2nd and therefore receives VA, 3rd, for the pre-jump.

In front of more than 40,000 spectators, Roger Boli on a cross shot (71st), scored the only goal of the match. A match that Georges Peyroche, the Valenciennes coach will have a hard time digesting
: ”
Four times we go alone and four times the linesman whistles an imaginary offside. On four other actions, the center referee forgets lensoise voluntary faults

. Eliminated by Toulouse (4-0 then 1-0) in the L1-L2 jump-off after leaving Strasbourg, Lens will finally be drafted after the demotion of Bordeaux.


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