Football – Ligue 2. “From the start, I’ve been talking about 44 points but…”: Laurent Guyot confides before the capital Niort

Winner of the Le Havre leader (1-0), Monday, FC Annecy repositioned itself in a favorable position before going to Niort, at the red lantern, this Saturday (7 p.m.). Where his trainer Laurent Guyot claims nothing but victory from his men to take a surely decisive step towards maintenance.

Julien Babaud
May 18, 2023 at 8:51 p.m. | updated on May 19, 2023 at 9:44 PM

Post-Le Havre management

“Above all, you have to recover well and not ignite. When you go from a match against the first to a match against the last, you can always wonder how it will go in the minds of the players. That’s why I had a tough session this morning (Thursday). The values ​​that allowed us to beat Le Havre must be the same against Niort. We are not going to change the game because it is Niort. We are not capable of it. For the first time this season, we will have to be able to win twice in a row, that’s the challenge. And win again outside (Editor’s note: the last dates back to October 8 at Guingamp, 4-0). It’s almost a semi-final, with a final against Bordeaux (May 26) behind if we beat Niort. »

Niort, another approach

“Nobody sees us losing this match but there are nevertheless teams which lost in Niort. There are questions, how the players will approach it. We will do our best to put them in the best conditions. Sometimes we manage to reach people, sometimes not. We have to be able to make the match difficult. But if we don’t succeed, the opponent has no reason to let us do it and can put us in danger, especially since they have some quality players like Boutobba, who has talent, or Kaboré, who has experience. But here we have to win. You have to win at least one of the last three, but maybe that wouldn’t be enough. »

44 points or more?

“From the start, I’ve been talking about 44 points but, when you do the calculations, depending on what happens this weekend, it may not be enough. But let’s do what it takes on Saturday and we’ll see. We had a very good operation on Monday and it is also a message sent to all those who won this weekend and who are also going to play difficult matches. When you are in front and you win, it forces your pursuers to win one more than you. »

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His nomination among the coaches of the year

“I’m happy because it’s the coaches who vote and you can’t vote for yourself, for bad language (laughs)! I am aware that it is more the Coupe de France than the championship that makes me on the list. It’s thanks to the players that I’m here. It is because they respond to what is asked of them that I have this recognition. But they turn me on right now, they chamber! They want me to invite them somewhere but it will cost me too much (laughs)…”

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