Football / Ligue 2. “In a hurry to be there”, FC Annecy ends its preparation with a draw against Villefranche


In Saint-Georges-de-Reneins (municipal stadium), ​Annecy (L2) and Villefranche (N1) draw 1-1 (1-1)

Referee: Aurélien Petit. 300 spectators.

Goal for Annecy: Testud (19th)

Goal for Villefranche: ​Omana (10e)

ANNECY: Stopovers – Lajugie, Mendy, Jean – Ruque (El Jaouhari, 65th), Temanfo, Kashi, Phliponeau, Rocchi (Billemaz, 65th) – Farade (Bastian, 72nd), Testud (Shamal, 65th). Coach: Laurent Guyot.

VILLEFRANCHE: Bouet (Caruso, 60th) – Abanda, Nirlo, Mouniama (Flegeau, 30th) – North (Bonenfant, 30th then North 60th), Sergio (cap), Manseri (White, 30th), Omana (Mouniama, 60th), Badji (Manseri). , 60th) – The (Ba, 30th), Bourouis Belle (The, 60th). Coach: Hervé Della Maggiore.