Football Lottery God Angler Lucky Analysis-European Cup-Croatia VS Czech Republic-Lucky Lottery

[Start time]6/19 00:00

【Team Update】

Croatia lost to England in the previous game, and felt that it has been unable to keep up with the youth storm of the Three Lions. Luka Modric was the best in the team in the previous game, but it was still unable to recover. The team’s recent situation is very bad. , Was zero-blocked by opponents in two consecutive games, today it is difficult to win against the Czech Republic, which is on the momentum.

The Czech Republic relied on Patrik Schick’s brace to beat Scotland twice in the previous game, which included a world wave of nearly 50 meters, which was impressive. The team has won 7 of the last 9 games and is on the right track. Now it is facing a downhill Croatia, showing a clear contrast. Today, it should be at least a tie.

【Handicap Analysis】

In this handicap, Croatia gave a hemisphere and then dropped to 0.25 goals. It is a reasonable change based on the recent situation. Croatia is no longer their World Cup team. For the Czech Republic, which has a chance to advance, I am afraid it will not be easy. After all, Armenia and Cyprus have not won the game recently, and they can’t show their dominance. Today, there is even the possibility of being taken by the Czech Republic.

[Home recommendation] Czech Republic+0/0.5 (international)

[Correct score] Czech Republic 2-1

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