Football Manager 2022 Mobile discounted on the App Store

Football Manager is a popular series of strategy games published by Sega that allows you to take on the role of a football club manager. The App Store is currently running a promotion where the latest mobile version of this series, Football Manager 2022 Mobile, is available at half price.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile is a simplified version of Football Manager 2022 known from computers running macOS and Windows systems. Like the prototype, it allows us to run the football club. The player’s responsibilities include determining team composition and tactics, recruiting and training players, and liaising with the press.

The standard price of Football Manager 2022 Mobile is PLN 47.99, but you can buy it now for Appstore for PLN 23.99 (however, it is worth considering that although this is a paid title, it also includes optional micropayments) . It is not known how long this action will last.

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