Football – Pope Francis to Messi: “thank you for not taking the big head”


At the beginning of the week, Jean Castex had served as a messenger to send a Messi jersey to the Holy Father. François wanted to congratulate his compatriot for his simplicity.

Pope Francis with French Prime Minister Jean Castex last Monday at the Vatican. Under their eyes the new jersey of Lionel Messi.


Pope Francis congratulated Argentine star of world football Lionel Messi for his “simplicity”, the latter having sent him a signed jersey from his new club, Paris Saint-Germain.

“Dear brother, I thank you for the jersey that you sent me and your dedication, always with your simplicity”, declared François, in a video made public Friday, by the Argentinian press agency Telam.

During an audience Monday, in the Vatican, French Prime Minister Jean Castex offered Pope Francis a shirt of Messi with his new team, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and his number 30 on the back and a handwritten dedication: “With all my friendship”.

The dedication of Messi:

The dedication of Messi: “With all my friendship”


“Thank you for your closeness, thank you for your testimony and for not having taken the big head.”

Pope Francis for the attention of Lionel Messi

A young boy unexpectedly appeared before Pope Francis during his weekly general audience at the Vatican, seeking to take his skullcap, then sat to his right in a chair released by a cardinal. 21 October 2021

“Thank you for your closeness, thank you for your testimony and for not having taken the big head”, continues François, in the video.

“God bless you”, concludes the Argentine Pope, a big fan of football. He has been a supporter since his childhood of the Buenos Aires club of San Lorenzo.

Lionel Messi sent Francois the shirts of the teams he played for, including Spanish club Barcelona, ​​which he left to join PSG this year.


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